No Rift Between Alia, Akume – Benue Govt

The Benue State Government has said there is no rift between Governor Hyacinth Alia and the Secretary to Government of the Federation, SGF, Senator George Akume.

According to the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State, Tersoo Kula, an alleged rift between both leaders is the creation of people with dubious interest, especially the opposition in the state.

In a statement , Kula said, “Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have bothered to respond to this, but Joseph Goebbels once said that ”If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.’

He said, “Yesterday, Sunday, October 8th, 2023, another group came up with a Press Conference in Makurdi where they tried to give credence to some unfounded rumours by linking Governor Alia and the Government of Benue State as complaining of the SGF’s alleged meddlesomeness in the running of government in the State.”

He said his statement was issued to clear the air on unwarranted speculations and insinuations.

Kula further said, “There exists no bad blood between Governor Hyacinth Alia and the SGF. The Governor has at different fora, and most recently during a victory parade organized for him by the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State, declared that the SGF remains the leader of the party in the State and that there is no issue between them as being speculated by people who don’t mean well for the State.”

According to the statement, “jealous elements, especially, the opposition who are waiting to see a fight between us should be ashamed of themselves. I am working hand in hand with my leader, Sen. George Akume”.

He described the Secretary to the Government of the Federation as a respected leader of the party not just in the state, but the North Central, adding that he would no longer continue to keep quiet as some opportunistic elements desperately seek to pitch them against each other for their inordinate pecuniary gain.

“The opposition elements trying to foist a crack among the party’s leaders in the State by sponsoring malicious and vexatious press conferences should desist forthwith, as the Governor and the SGF’s relationship goes way back and will continue to wax stronger,” Kula said.

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