No President Has Done Much As Tinubu In Three Weeks – Fani-Kayode

Former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has said no president has done as much as President Bola Tinubu has done in three weeks.

In a tweet, Fani-Kayode revealed that the actions taken by Tinubu since getting sworn in three weeks ago have silenced his critics.


“No leader or President in the history of our country has effected so many positive changes and reforms and appointed so many credible, decisive, courageous and effective people into key positions in his administration within THREE weeks of being sworn into office as President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“Today even his most ardent critics and those that bent over backwards to stop, discredit, denigrate, humiliate and destroy him during the presidential campaign are commending him.

“He has made those of us that recognised and appreciated his value and potentials, had faith in him, risked all, stood with him and fought for him proud and most importantly we have been vindicated.

“Thanks to BAT Nigeria now has a new lease of life and the light of God has began to dispel the thick darkness and tangible cloud of stagnation, retrograde and retrogressive policies, monumental corruption, vicious persecution, selective application of justice, abuse of power, incompehensible incompetence and wholesale and malicious impunity that we have witnessed over the last few years.

“Today where are those that deprived the Nigerian people of all their money and threw them into penury in the name of printing new notes just to stop Tinubu from emerging as President?

“Where are those that mocked and poured scorn on him on television, in the newspapers, on social media and in international forums and that consistently portrayed him as being shallow, superficial, dangerous, incompetent, unreliable and evil to the Nigerian people and the international community?

“Where are those that said he was too old to be President, that he takes hard drugs and that he is a drug baron, thief, international criminal and a mafia don?

“Where are those that said he cannot put a sentence together, that he talks hullabaloo and gibberish and that swearing him in would be tantamount to inviting the military to take power and lead to a coup?

“Where are those that said he is incurably and terminally ill and that he is so broken, befuddled, confused, incapacitated and debilitated by sickness, senility and old age that he could not possibly perform well as President and Commander in Chief or make the right decisions and choices?

“I say shame on them all!

“I also say kudos to BAT and glory hallelujah to the Living God who saw fit to provide Nigeria with a second chance by making him President.”

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