No Merger Talks With Any Party – APGA

Agency report

The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) on Friday in Abuja insisted it would not merge or enter into any alliance talk with any political party ahead of 2019 general elections.

National Director of Publicity of the party, Mr Ifeanacho Oguejiofor, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that contrary to reports, the party would remain committed and faithful to the objective of its founding fathers.

Oguejiofor said that APGA had never participated in any merger of political parties and was therefore not involved in any mega party arrangement.

“APGA is still very much around. We have not closed shop; I wish to reiterate that the issue of merger with other political parties is not on the agenda of All Progressives Grand Alliance.

“When people talk about mega party, merger talk with APGA, I just laugh at what the mega is all about? APGA is mega on its own and accommodates all, so we don’t need it.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we are not interested in any mega party; our concern at the moment is to galvanise, re-strategise, restructure and reinvent APGA.

“This is to make it capable of winning future elections in the 36 states of Nigeria, including the FCT and most especially, the forthcoming Lagos state local government election in June.

“But, that does not mean that our effort is only in Lagos state; we are building bridges across board, the entire federation. The party is working; we are not sleeping,’’ he said.

Oguejiofor urged the party’s members and the public to disregard the deceptive addition of APGA into a mega party, saying that merger was not in the agenda of the party.

He said that APGA was not a regional party as it was made to be believed by many, because its political activities cut across the nation.

He also debunked the insinuation that the party was for the Igbos and the South-East.

“It is just the perception of Nigerians to tag APGA as an ethnic party so as to hinder it from selling its manifesto to Nigerians; we have members and supporters even in the north.

“It is quite unfortunate that most Nigerian politicians want to divide Nigeria along ethnic, regional and religious lines thereby fostering division.’’

Oguejiofor called on all Nigerians to put away sentiments and work together so as to achieve a peaceful and developed nation devoid of ethnic and religious crisis.

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