No Kidnap Incident at BUK New Site – Kano Police

The Kano State Police Command has said reports of a kidnapping incident in the female hostel at BUK New site is fake news.

The command, however, vowed to continue monitoring the situation following reports of gunshots in the area.

The command disclosed this in a terse statement shared on its official X handle on Monday.

It read, “Reports from our officers at BUK New site indicate that the allegation of Kidnappers in the female Hostel is fake news. Of all the people in the Hostel including the security, only 2 female students claimed to have heard a sound of gunshot. Monitoring is in progress & investigation has commenced.”

Concise News reported recently that a kidnapping incident at River Park Estate in Abuja was clarified by the Federal Capital Territory Police Command as the device of a brother who wanted to scam his sibling by faking his own kidnap.

This is amid other kidnap incidents which has rocked the capital city this year.

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