NLC is Purely a Political Party – Adamu Garba

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Adamu Garba, has stated that the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) is purely a political party.

According to him, the NLC doesn’t have the interest of Nigerians at heart but only working actively to win power for itself.

Garba said this amid a leadership tussle between the NLC and the Labour Party (LP).

In a post on X, he said, “With what is happening between the Labour Party and the Nigeria Labour Congress, it is clear that their level of unproductive labor is endless.

“Nigerians should take note, going forward that NLC is not representing the interest of Nigerian Workers. It is purely a political party organ working actively to win power for itself.

“All Nigerian Workers who chose to comply with subsequent NLC demands for strike actions etc. should be treated as political party members honoring the demand of their political party.

“The Nigerian Federal Government should henceforth, stop taking the NLC seriously on protecting workers’ interests and treat them as a pure political opposition hell bend on opposing important government programs.”

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