NLC Betrayers, Says Deji Adeyanju

Deji Adeyanju, a prominent political activist, expressed his disappointment in the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), labeling them as betrayers for calling off their scheduled strike in protest against the Federal Government’s removal of fuel subsidy.

The NLC’s decision to suspend the strike came after reaching an agreement with the government on Monday night, just days before the strike was set to begin.

In response to this development, Adeyanju voiced his frustration, emphasizing that the NLC’s decision to halt the strike without any tangible results was disheartening.

He tweeted, “Woke up to see the betrayal by NLC. I knew this was going to happen.

“Once you see people who should be protesting almost sleeping in the Villa, compromise is the next thing.

“They suspended the strike without achieving anything. A hungry man cannot do Aluta. Shame!!!”

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