NiMET Signs MoU With India

As the 76th Session of World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Executive Council (EC) meeting taking place in Geneva, Switzerland draws to a close, one of the high points for Nigerian Meteorological Agency NiMet is the signing of an Memorandum of Understanding MoU with the Indian Meteorological Department.

The MoU signing which took place yesterday at WMO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland is basically to facilitate the collaboration between both organisations to build capacities in order to promote activities relating to meteorology and climate change adaptation and planning.

The MoU is for the mutual benefit of both organisations in the conduct of Scientific & Technical Research & development of practical skills that benefit International Community, specifically in the following areas
Numerical Weather Prediction Capability, Meteorological Sensor Designing, Satellite Meteorology, Scientific research on meteorology and its applications in various sectors.

The NiMet team also had a meeting with the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) team to facilitate data exchange among WMO Members in the region and ultimately improve Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) forecast for Multi-Hazard Early Warnings.

The WIGOS is a core WMO activity and a basic WMO infrastructure element supporting all WMO programmes and application areas. It enables WMO and its Members accomplish their shared mission to help save lives, protect property and increase prosperity everywhere on the globe, and provide relevant data and information for policy- and decision making in support of sustainable development.

WIGOS provides the global framework, the management and design tools so that all providers of meteorological and related environmental observations can optimize their investment in user-driven measurement capabilities that in combination will help meet as many requirements as effectively and efficiently as possible.

WIGOS is requirements-driven with a clear orientation to public health, disaster risk reduction, water resource management and food security, renewable energy, tourism, travel, insurance, to mention just a few, as an enabler for sustainable development. Hence, the application and involvement in WIGOS will help NiMet enhance its product and service-specific deliveries.

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