Nigerians’ll Vote Competence, Not Religion, Ethnicity – Datti

Yusuf Datti, the running mate of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has said Nigerians will vote for competence and not along religious or ethnic lines in 2023.

Speaking during an interview on Channels Television, Datti said the Nigerians had grown past the tactics of religion and ethnicity used in 2015.

This is as he stated that those who think the Labour Party and the Obidient movement are not welcomed in the North are making a huge mistake.

He said, “What was been done in 2015? Religion and Ethnicity. But now, please wake up. It is the era of competence and capacity and the people are feeling it. I assure you, no Christian regime will ever reduce the number of prayers Moslems are to pray or the number of days in Ramadan. Nobody will do that. Go and pray all you want, fast all you want. We are happy, pray for us. My Christian friends, please pray for us, and vice-versa. Nobody will touch your religion.

“And whomever thinks that Labour Party or Obidients Movement or Peter Obi as an individual now is not been welcome in the North is making a huge mistake. I went to greet one of my elders and this gentleman came to me with all air of arrogance and said to me: ‘Oh you will get a lot of experience in this contest.’ I just thanked him. And I said the first advantage you will give to your opponent is to underestimate him.

“I want to be fully underestimated, I want Peter Obi to be fully underestimated while the so-called master politicians, the owners of resources, the owners and masters of structure; we are nothing. He is just a businessman, I am just an Educationist.. Ah leave them they will go and get experience, let’s go.”

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