Nigerian Blogs Learnt Stupidity from West – Burna Boy

Grammy-winning artist Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, has extended an apology to Nigerian blogs following a dispute over his age, triggered by trending posts on Western blogs questioning its authenticity.

Recent images circulating on Western blogs cast doubts on Burna Boy’s claim of being 32 years old, suggesting he may be older than stated. In response, Burna Boy took to his Instagram account to clarify that the photos in question were outdated, emphasizing that he owes apologies to Nigerian blogs, especially considering what he perceives as harsher treatment from Western counterparts.

He wrote, “To all you weirdos who depend on @theshaderoom @theshadeborough And other weirdo blogs for your daily news. I shaved my beard in 2021 not now. But it’s good to know that for all the history I’ve been making and records I’ve been setting and breaking, You parasites only care about who might have f*ck, who I’m f*cking, and stupid shit like ‘Burna boy shaved his beard’.

“I gotta apologise to Nigerian blogs now cuz I thought their stupidity was unique, I didn’t know they learned all they know from the West.”

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