Nigeria Too Complex for Centralised Policing – Ex-defence Minister

Aliyu Gusau, a former Minister of Defence, has underscored the intricate nature of Nigeria’s security challenges, emphasizing that the nation’s complexity surpasses the capacity of the police force alone to ensure its security.

Gusau’s remarks come amid growing concerns over the surge in insecurity across the country.

Speaking at the Community Protection Guard graduation ceremony organized by the Zamfara State Government, Gusau called for a reassessment of Nigeria’s security strategy in response to evolving threats.

He said, “With an estimated population of 223.8 million, and a diverse terrain covering 923,768 square kilometers, Nigeria is a difficult country to secure. Therefore, expecting a single police force to patrol and control such a large and complex nation effectively is a very tall order indeed. The time has come for us to rethink this strategy in the best interest of our country.

“Currently, innocent lives are lost daily as terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, organised crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and cultism become the order of the day in theatres across Nigeria. While perpetrators now act with impunity, additional deployment of the military to hotspots has not achieved the desired results.

“However, for it to succeed, strategic consideration should be given to creating appropriate support structures across the board. We must understand that security is a community effort and the responsibility of all, not only the police or armed forces.”

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