Nigeria Needs Experienced Leaders – Atiku

The Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has urged Nigerians not to hand the future of the country into the hands of leaders of the party that brought it to this sorry state.

He insisted that many of Nigeria’s current challenges are connected to poor economic performance of the present government.

Atiku said this at the Nigeria Economic Summit Group, NESG, Presidential Dialogue on the Economy, at the Summit House, Lagos.

He said: “It is critical, therefore, that we get the economy right. I have been a private business man for a long time and have also been a public servant at the highest level of decision-making and implementation. Thus, I feel comfortable among captains of industry and public sector economists and practitioners.

And I am uniquely positioned to understand the economic challenges facing the country and what we must do to get our economy growing, provide jobs, incomes and wealth for our people and thereby reduce hunger, unemployment and related social problems, including insecurity.

“When we create economic opportunities for our people it will have a significant positive impact on social cohesion and national security. Increased jobs and income opportunities will reduce the likelihood of our youth being involved in crime, violence and conflict motivated by the manipulation of religious or ethnic differences.”

He said Nigeria is in transition, and hoped that the All Progressives Congress, APC, would leave the stage and the PDP would take over in May with the support and goodwill, of Nigerians, cautioning: “You have a responsibility to take stock of the assets (if there are any) and liabilities (which will be massive) of the APC administration.

“You also have a solemn responsibility to interrogate those who aspire to govern this country. You must assess their understanding of the environment, their policy priorities, and their strategies for dealing with a plethora of local and national issues.”

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