Nigeria Explores Affordable Aircraft Leases with Airbus

Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Fetsus Keyamo, SAN, revealed the country’s efforts to secure affordable aircraft leases during a recent visit to the headquarters of Airbus Aircrafts in Occitanie, southwest France.

Keyamo disclosed that discussions with top aircraft leasing companies associated with Airbus were productive, aiming to make aircraft more accessible to local operators for domestic and international routes. The visit included assurances regarding the safety of assets in Nigeria, potentially paving the way for favorable leasing terms.

“We are focused on making these aircraft available to our local operators on very affordable terms to service most of our domestic and international routes and to force down prices,” stated Keyamo.

The visit provided Nigerian officials with a guided tour of the Airbus factory near Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, where they witnessed a display of the range of aircraft available. This exploration signifies Nigeria’s intent to modernize its aviation sector and expand its fleet capacity.

The discussions underscore Nigeria’s commitment to enhancing its aviation infrastructure and services, potentially opening doors for increased connectivity and economic growth.

Keyamo’s remarks reflect the government’s proactive approach to leverage partnerships with global industry leaders to meet the country’s aviation needs and drive progress in the sector.

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