Nigeria Eliminated From Cycling Time Trials


Nigeria Eliminated From Cycling Time Trials/Photo: AFP
Nigeria Eliminated From Cycling Time Trials/Photo: AFP

By Andah John

Nigeria has been eliminated from the men and women’s time trial events at the 2017 African Continental Road Championships in Luxor, Egypt.

Nigeria’s race in the men’s category ended as Emmanuel Innocent was ranked 18th after finishing in 1:2:00 seconds while Effiok Eyo finished 19th following his arrival on 1:3:12seconds.

The country’s disappointing outing stretched to the women as Gladys Tombrakpa and Glory Odiase finished in 11th and 13th respectively.

Tombrakpa finished the 29km race at 47:24 seconds while Odiase reached the final point after 50:57 seconds.

Meanwhile, Mauritius’ Halbwachs Aurelie won the women’s time trials after finishing in 42:40 seconds, while Eritrean Mossana Debesay won silver in 43:00 seconds and Juanita Venter of South Africa finished third in 43:07 seconds.

On the other hand, Teshome Meron of Eritrea won the men’s time trial with a time of 53:16 seconds while South Africa’s Stefan de Bod came second in 53:42 seconds and Habtom Awet of Eritrea finished third in 54:05 seconds.

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