Nigeria Calls for Truce Between Israel, Hamas

Nigeria has called for an immediate durable and sustained humanitarian truce between Israeli forces and Hamas in Gaza and asked for the opening of humanitarian corridor.

In a statement signed by the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Government stated that the situation in Gaza was dire and required immediate attention as a result of the recent uptick in violence.

“Women, children, and other vulnerable groups are among Innocent civilians that have suffered greatly as a result of the indiscriminate violence and are currently bearing the consequences,” the statement said.

The Federal Government also stated that the parties in the conflict must uphold the fundamental values of human rights and international humanitarian law, which places premium on ensuring civilians’ safety and well-being even in times of conflict.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria is calling on the Israeli Government to grant humanitarian access to the millions of people that have been displaced since the crisis broke. The lack of water, food, medical supplies and fuel shortages have compounded the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria also calls on all parties involved to immediately agree to a ceasefire and engage in diplomatic negotiations to resolve the conflict.

“Both parties are urged to exercise utmost restraint and prioritize the safety and well-being of civilians. Indiscriminate attacks that result in civilian casualties must be avoided at all costs.

“The prayer of the Nigerian nation is with those who have lost their lives in the conflict and families that have suffered human and material losses, and also those that are currently recuperating from injuries.

“Finally, the Federal Government of Nigeria is reiterating its call once again for a quick deescalation of hostilities by both sides and a return to the negotiating table to continue the search for peaceful resolutions and the implementation of the two-state solution as a permanent settlement of the inter-generational cycle of violence. Amb. Yusuf M. Tuggar (OON),” the statement concluded.

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