Niger Receives 2,000 Agricultural Equipment

The Niger State Government has entered a strategic collaboration with Origin Group, a diversified agriculture value chain conglomerate, to enhance agricultural production and fortify food security in the region. Through the partnership, Origin Group is launching a specialized agro support program in Niger State, deploying its proprietary themed support system — the Total Agricultural Support Program (TASP) in conjunction with Campo of Brazil.

The equipment delivered to the Niger State Government includes 500 large-capacity tractors, 500 harvesters of varying capacities, and 1000 diverse agricultural and irrigation tools and farm implements.

This initiative is anticipated to address critical challenges within the agricultural sector, aiming to eliminate drudgery and reduce post-harvest losses by 50%, consequently alleviating revenue losses experienced by farmers.

The program’s scope extends to supporting 50,000 hectares of fully irrigated food production hubs across Niger State. This strategic move aligns with the state’s overarching objectives to expand food production, foster wealth creation, and generate employment opportunities for its burgeoning population.

The partnership underscores a concerted effort to revolutionize agricultural practices, leveraging innovative solutions to drive sustainable development and address pressing food security concerns in Niger State.

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