NEMA Urges Safety Awareness Following Mandilas Building Fire

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is urging Nigerians to prioritize safety in their activities to safeguard lives and property. The call comes in the aftermath of a devastating fire at the Mandilas Building in Lagos Island, Lagos state. NEMA Director General, Mustapha Habib Ahmed, represented by Director of Search and Rescue, Air Commodore Kennedy Mataluwo, emphasized the need for heightened safety consciousness among the public.

The fire, which erupted on Sunday, January 21, 2024, affected 10 out of the 14 floors of the Mandilas Building. NEMA officials, including the Director General’s representative, conducted an assessment of the disaster’s impact on the scene. Security officials, led by DPO Ebute Ero Division CSP Agunloye Rotimi, briefed the Director General on the incident.

Expressing condolences to the affected victims on behalf of the Federal Government, the NEMA team commiserated with those impacted by the fire. The Mandilas Building housed approximately 6,700 traders, 450 shops, 30 offices, 2 hotels, and 5 restaurants, according to information provided by Alhaja Adeniji Rashidat, the Iya loja of the Atunwase International Market Mandilas General.

The fire, believed to have started around 11:00 AM, originated on the first floor during an alleged electric welding activity. The swift spread of the flames resulted in significant damage to the building, prompting NEMA to underscore the importance of safety measures. Additionally, NEMA called on business owners to consider the necessity of insurance policies to mitigate potential losses in the event of disasters.

As investigations into the fire continue, the emphasis on safety awareness remains a central focus for NEMA, emphasizing the proactive role individuals and businesses play in disaster prevention and recovery.

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