NDLEA Arrests 31,675, Seizes 6.3m kg Drugs In 29 Months

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has announced substantial achievements in its battle against substance abuse and illicit drug trafficking over the past 29 months. A total of 31,675 drug offenders have been apprehended during this period, with 5,147 successfully prosecuted and convicted. Furthermore, over 6.3 million kilograms of assorted drugs have been seized, reflecting the agency’s determined efforts to curb drug-related crimes.

Discouraging Stigmatization of Drug Users and Promoting Treatment

The NDLEA has called on citizens to refrain from stigmatizing drug users, highlighting that such negative attitudes hinder individuals from seeking treatment. This stigmatization has severe socio-economic consequences for both individuals and their families. Encouraging a more compassionate approach, the agency stresses the importance of supporting and guiding drug users towards rehabilitation and recovery.

Strengthening the Fight Against Drug Abuse through Prevention and Rehabilitation

During the press briefing held in Abuja to mark the 2023 World Drug Day, Mr. Shadrach Haruna, the Secretary of the NDLEA, underscored the significance of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in the fight against drug abuse. While acknowledging the agency’s accomplishments in law enforcement, Haruna emphasized the equal importance of reducing drug demand. This includes prevention efforts, counseling, and rehabilitation programs to address drug use disorders effectively.

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