NDA Debunks Fake Selection List

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) has categorically stated that a widely circulating list claiming to be the official selection list for the 75 Regular Course of the Academy is fraudulent and should be disregarded. Major Victor Olukoya, the Academy’s Public Relations Officer, issued a statement in Kaduna to address the situation and alert the public about the scam.

In his statement, Major Olukoya emphasized, “The attention of the NDA has been drawn to a fake list that has gone viral on some social media and other microblogging platforms, purporting to be the official selection list for 75 Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy.

“We wish to clarify that the list is not only fake but also the work of fraudsters, whose aim may be to fleece unsuspecting law-abiding members of the public of their resources.” He further clarified that not only is the list fabricated, but it is also the handiwork of unscrupulous individuals seeking to deceive law-abiding citizens and potentially extort money from them.

The NDA spokesperson urged the public to exercise caution and distance themselves from this deceitful publication and its creators. He highlighted the fraudulent intent behind the dissemination of the list, warning that engaging with these fraudulent individuals would be done at one’s own risk.

Major Olukoya emphasized that the selection process for the 75 Regular Course of the NDA is rigorous, meticulous, and still ongoing. He assured the public that once the authentic selection list is finalized, it will be officially published by the Academy. The genuine list will be made available in prominent national newspapers and on the official NDA website (

By issuing this statement, the NDA aims to protect unsuspecting individuals from falling victim to fraudulent activities. It serves as a reminder to remain cautious when encountering unofficial information online and to rely only on verified sources for accurate and reliable updates. As the Academy continues its selection process, prospective candidates and the general public are advised to await the official publication to ensure that they receive accurate information regarding the 75 Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy.

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