NCC To Forward Report To FG On Safety Of 5G Network

The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has said that a report on the safety of 5G network will be delivered to the Federal Government.

This comes amidst fears from Nigerians on the safety of 5G which many are linking to the deadly coronavirus.

Umar Danbatta, NCC executive vice-chairman, stated that a position will soon be reached on the issue as soon as trials are concluded on the network.

“We normally conduct tests at the sites of base transceiver stations all over the country and it’s on the basis of this test that we establish whether the radiations emanating from the devices are harmful to those living there,” he told Channels TV in an interview.

“So far there’s no rollout of commercial 5G services in the country. This is because the whole issue of 5G is still at the trial stage and this has just been concluded.

“In the Nigerian context, what we have done so far is to embark on a 5G trial using two spectra: 3.5 and 26GHz. We’re presently studying the results of these tests and the NCC will come up with a position as to their safety.

“What we’re interested in is whether the levels from these emissions are below or above those specified by these international regulatory agencies.”

He added that no harmful radiation has been detected in any base transceivers in the country.

“The type of radiation we’re talking about is non-ionizing radiation and this type of radiation is being regulated by the Commission for Non-ionization Radiation Protection,” he explained.

“Before any spectrum is assigned for the rollout of telecommunication services, this commission would have looked at it and advised agencies all over the world about the safety or not of utilizing such spectra.”

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