Navy Rescues Medical Students As Boat Capsizes in Calabar

In a remarkable display of heroism, a Nigerian Navy Victory boat swiftly responded to a distress call and successfully rescued 14 students who were caught in a perilous situation along the Calabar/Oron waterways.

However, the fate of three students remains uncertain, as ongoing efforts to locate them continue.

Tragic Turn during Medical Students Association NIMSA Health Week

Investigations have revealed that the students in question were medical students who had travelled to Calabar to participate in the annual medical students association NIMSA health week.

Seeking adventure and relaxation, a group of visiting students embarked on a boat ride from the Calabar Marina Resort.

Tragically, their joyous outing took an unexpected turn when the boat capsized, endangering their lives.

Swift Intervention Saves Lives

Fortune smiled upon the distressed students as the Nigerian Navy’s Victory boat happened to be in close proximity.

Swiftly responding to the distress call, the brave naval personnel embarked on a frantic rescue mission, demonstrating unwavering courage and determination.

Through their coordinated efforts, 14 students were successfully rescued from the treacherous waters, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos.

Relentless Search for Missing Students

While the successful rescue of 14 students brings relief, the Nigerian Navy continues its relentless search for the three students who remain missing.

Every available resource is being deployed to locate and bring them to safety. The authorities, along with concerned citizens, are holding onto hope, praying for their swift and safe return.

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