National Assembly Feels Nigerians’ Pulse – Kalu

Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu, has said the National Assembly feel the pule of Nigerians and is committed to addressing the situation they are in.

Kalu said this in a statement celebrating Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day anniversary.

He said, “Today marks our 63rd Independence anniversary as a Nation, a moment of introspection on the sacrifices of our founding fathers who paved the path to our independence.

“It is also a reminder of our collective responsibility for peace, unity and progress.

“Regardless of the challenges that confront us, we must not lose hope or fall short in our efforts to surmount our struggles. At 63, we have every cause to celebrate. Yes, it is not yet Uhuru but with the commitments being made by the present administration under His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, it can only get better.

“As we commemorate this special day, I urge patriotic Nigerians who acknowledge that this is the one place we can truly call home, to become actively involved in the process of advancing our nation-building through participatory democracy.

“The House of Representatives and indeed, the National Assembly feels the pulse of Nigerians at the moment and we are committed to addressing them via altruistic legislations as envisaged by our founding fathers for the good and progress of the country

“I congratulate Nigerians all over world as we celebrate our 63rd Independence Day.

“I urge you to remain steadfast and hopeful in the future of our nation.”

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