NAOWA Raises Breast Cancer Awareness

In a concerted effort to raise awareness about breast cancer, the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives Association (NAOWA) 8 Division Chapter conducted a breast cancer awareness campaign at Giginya Cantonment, Sokoto, on October 28, 2023. This initiative marked the commemoration of the World Health Organization’s International Day against breast cancer, celebrated annually on October 19.

The campaign, led by the Chairperson of NAOWA 8 Division Chapter, Mrs. Florence Godwin Mutkut, was organized in alignment with the objectives set by NAOWA’s National Headquarters under the leadership of its President, Mrs. Mariya Abiodun Lagbaja. Mrs. Mutkut emphasized the campaign’s aim, which was to heighten awareness regarding the risks associated with breast cancer.

During the campaign, an awareness walk was conducted to kick off the day’s activities. Speaking on behalf of the NAOWA Chairperson, Mrs. Ann Omo Tawasimi, the wife of the Commander 8 Division Garrison, underscored the importance of regular self-examination and timely mammograms. Early detection, she emphasized, significantly increases treatment success rates. She expressed her gratitude to Major General Godwin Mutkut, the General Officer Commanding 8 Division, who served as the Special Guest of Honour, for his essential support in making the event a success.

The Global Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative, which this event supported, aims to promote education, early detection, and support systems for breast cancer. It focuses on disseminating critical information about risk factors, symptoms, screening methods, and treatment options.

Guest speakers at the campaign provided valuable insights, highlighting that breast cancer is not a death sentence and can be prevented through appropriate treatment, particularly when detected early. They recommended measures such as vaccination, self-breast examination, particularly for individuals above 40 years, regular exercise, and a balanced diet as effective strategies to reduce the prevalence of breast cancer.

The NAOWA’s breast cancer awareness campaign was a significant step in the ongoing global effort to educate and empower communities against this prevalent health issue, emphasizing the importance of early detection and proactive measures to combat the disease.

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