Naira Scarcity: El-rufai’s Desperation Should Not Be Taken For Granted – SOKAPU

The Southern Kaduna People’s Union, SOKAPU, has said the desperation of Governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna State over the naira redesign policy should not be taken for granted.

Concise News reported that President Muhammadu Buhari, in a national broadcast on Thursday, said only N200 old notes remain as legal tender while N500 and N1000 cease to be useful as they had been replaced with newly redesigned ones.

However, El-rufai staged a state broadcast in which he said all old notes in whatever denomination remain legal tender until the Supreme Court which it made it so rules otherwise.

Reacting, SOKAPU, inna statement, said the governor should be investigated for going against Buhari’s Orders.

The statement read, “El-Rufai as it looks is heading a gang of APC governors bent on reversing the controversial Naira redesign and they have managed to get the Supreme Court to order a temporary stop to it. President Muhammadu Buhari and Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emiefele have refused to heed to the order of the Supreme Court in toto.

“The desperation of el-Rufai is not ordinary and we suggest that he should be investigated. However, El-Rufai has gone overboard in his reaction to the response of Buhari to the Supreme Court order.

“In his broadcast to the State last night, el-Rufai sounded desperate; he became unduly emotional and abusive and spoke with a lot of braggadocios in the typical manner that has been his public image. He even alleged that there was a plot to stop the 2023 general election and its place an interim government installed.

“He called on Kaduna State citizens to disobey the directives of President Buhari. He insisted that the N500 and N1000 notes are still legal tenders in Kaduna State, contrary to the position of the Federal Government and promised dire consequences on anyone who refused to make transactions with them in Kaduna State.

“It will therefore look like el-Rufai has declared himself a rebel. If this is not treason, then we need another definition of the word.

“If El-Rufai has such goodwill towards the people of Kaduna State why has he not approached the Supreme Court to force the Federal government to wipe out the so-called bandits that have taken over a large portion of Kaduna State creating their own government right under his nose?”

“We are yet to see El-Rufai make a case at the Supreme Court forcing the National Emergency Management Agency to give relief materials to the millions of IDPs in Kaduna State. SOKAPU does not know el-Rufai for charity towards his electorates; we have no records of him on empathy and sympathy to the suffering people of Kaduna State.

“From all accounts, el-Rufai’s most important concern is the flow of raw cash for seamless spendings during elections. But there may be more than meets the eyes. It has been said that there are a few powerful individuals and families that have stashed away billions of stolen Naira which they can’t put in the bank without raising suspicion.

“So, we want to appeal to our members not to be charmed by El-Rufai’s bravado towards the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Government as a genuine act of concern to the citizens.

“He cannot hide under the cover of the suffering we are going through as a result of the new Naira policy and wage his war.”

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