NAFDAC Cracks Down on Banned Agrochemicals in Sokoto Markets, Arrests Four

NAFDAC has seized over N20 million worth of substandard, falsified, and banned products in a major raid across key markets in Sokoto, including Old Market, Kara Market, and Central Market.

The agency revealed in a statement that four suspects were arrested during the operation conducted by the Investigation and Enforcement/Federal Task Force on Fake Drugs and Unwholesome Processed Foods.

“Seventeen shops were screened, and several cartons of Endocoton Super containing banned Paraquat were confiscated,” NAFDAC said.

Paraquat is a highly toxic herbicide that poses significant health risks and environmental hazards.

The agency continued, “Additionally, the raid resulted in the seizure of 2,096 cartons of SF MOE Soap and 223 cartons of SF Oxxo Purest Soap.

“Several unregistered herbal preparations with pornographic pictorials, posing a notable risk to public health, were also removed. Those arrested are under investigation, and the confiscated products will be processed according to regulations for Substandard & Falsified products.

“NAFDAC reaffirms its ban on Paraquat agrochemicals and vows to enforce this ban rigorously. The Agency urges the public to report suspicious activities or products to the nearest NAFDAC office to help combat the distribution of dangerous and illegal products.”

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