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Sex is not exercise

Contrary to the view by many that sex is a good form of exercise, a report by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has shown facts to the contrary that sex in not an exercise.

For many who are into different weight loss programmes, there is s general belief that sex is a form of workout that helps with weight losses,

However, a report by CNN shows that an average sexual encounter lasts for about six minutes and does not burn as much calories as it is believed to.

“An average man in his 30s burns just 20 calories: the NEJM articles further explains, this is just 14 more calories than just sitting and watching TV.

“So if you’re thinking that sex may just be your exercise for the day, then you should think again,” it said.

Further studies also show that sex is normal baseline activity with maximum exercise value occurring during the short spans of orgasm.

The authors defined myths as commonly held ideas without scientific data. They also busted other myths relating to exercise and weight loss.

Its said that myths do not only discourage people but also provide a lot of misinformation that can prevent people from reaching their weight loss goals.

Some of the myths

Myth 1: Small changes in your diet or exercise will lead to large, long-term weight changes.

Unfortunately, this is not true. In weight loss, two plus two may only equal three instead of four. Small changes simply do not add up since physiologically, your body tries to stay the same weight.

This doesn’t mean that making small healthy choices don’t matter, because even small things you do to stay healthy matter.

It just means you are not likely to meet your weight loss goals by just taking one less bite. It’s likely going to take bigger changes in your diet and exercise.

Myth 2: Setting realistic goals when you are trying to lose weight is important because otherwise you will feel frustrated and lose less weight.

Patients often come in with ambitious goals for weight loss, and we as family physicians nearly always say- go for it! (within safety and reason).

There is no evidence that shooting for the stars leads to frustration.

If anything, aiming for a larger goal may lead to better weight-loss outcomes.

Myth 3: Losing a lot of weight fast doesn’t keep weight off as well as losing a few pounds slowly.

Again, according to studies, losing a larger amount of weight fast in the beginning (maybe while you are super motivated) has been associated with lower weight in the long-term.
There just isn’t evidence to go “slow and steady” when it comes to weight loss.

Myth 4: Having sex one time burns about as many calories as walking a mile.

Sorry to disappoint, but for an average sexual encounter (lasting 6 minutes!), an average man in his 30s burns just 20 calories.

The NEJM articles further explains, this is just 14 more calories than just sitting and watching TV. So if the thought went through your head that sex may be your exercise for the day, you should think again.

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