Mystery: Angel Spotted In The Sky And Videoed Live

A man from South Carolina, Cory Hearon, was driving out to meet his wife when he spotted something unusual in the sky. Cory says he zoomed in on the cloud and saw the cloud forming an angel.

He can be heard saying in the video, “Nobody would believe me if I didn’t do this live, but I want you to look at this cloud in the sky… Check that out… Look at this cloud in the sky. Is that not an angel or what?”

Hearon said he live-streamed the moment as he didn’t want people to think the cloud was fake or altered with Photoshop.

“I almost didn’t video it,” the 37 year old said. “It was the first time I had seen something that remarkable with my own two eyes.”

The video has hit over 7 million views. Many of the commentators on the video were awed by the video and describe the cloud formation as a gift from God. Watch and tell us what you think.

See video below:


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