My Reunion With Kollington, Mere Advert – Salawa Abeni

Singer Salawa Abeni has stated that a viral picture of her and Killington Ayinla is just mere advert and has nothing to do with any perceived reunion.

The picture went viral days ago with many thinking Salawa Abeni and Killington Ayinla who have a son together have reunited.

Speaking in an interview, she said, “If this interview is about my alleged reunion with Kollington, I am not ready to say anything about it. It was just an advertisement. I don’t have time for things like that.”

Salawa Abeni also spoke on a new album she’s working on.

“I am working on a body of work at the moment and it will address the situation of things in Nigeria at the moment, especially the state of insecurity. I feel we cannot continue like this and something has to be done. It also contains a lot of groovy tunes,” she said.

On the lack of salient messages in songs of today, she said, “As for me, I neither smoke nor drink. I believe this question would be best answered when I release my forthcoming album. We (older musicians) have done our part and the younger artistes are the ones in vogue now. I would advise them to sing songs that have meaningful messages. They should also pay respect to the elderly ones, though none of them has ever disrespected me. My son, Big Sheff, is also an artiste and I advise him to make music that people can learn from.”

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