My Marriage Lasted One Year, Dated Husband 10 Years – Actress Ronke Ojo

Renowned Nollywood actress Ronke Ojo, also known as Ronke Oshodi-Oke, has offered insights into her tumultuous relationship with her estranged husband, revealing that they dated for nearly a decade before tying the knot. However, despite their lengthy courtship, their marriage was short-lived, lasting less than a year.

In an exclusive interview with Biola Bayo, Ojo shared candid details about her past relationship. She described her ex-husband as “a nice person but not a husband,” shedding light on the challenges they faced in their marriage.

The veteran actress recounted the timeline of their tumultuous relationship, indicating that they initially separated in 2012. However, she returned to her estranged husband the following year due to pregnancy. Despite this reconciliation attempt, the marriage ultimately crumbled due to issues of infidelity.

“We dated for almost a decade and he was womanising, when we got married our marriage didn’t last up to a year. It was that bad,” she said.

Ojo added that her ex-husband also nags too much, stressing that “there is a difference between a man without money and a man who doesn’t care”.

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