My Life In Danger, Ortom Cries Out Again

My Life In Danger Over Grazing Law, Ortom Cries Out
President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Samuel Ortom

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state has alleged that he received death threats following the implementation of the anti-open grazing law in the state.

The law was enacted to curb farmers and herdsmen clashes but it has been met with stiff opposition.

On New Year’s Day, over 70 persons were killed in the state by suspected herdsmen.

And speaking in Makurdi on Monday, Ortom said he had reported the threats to security agents.

“There are threats to my life because of the grazing law we enacted in the state to ensure peaceful coexistence between our local farmers and herdsmen,”Ortom said.

“It is on record. I have also reported the matter to the security agencies that some persons were planning to attack me.

“But I keep saying that life belongs to God. It is only God that gives and takes away life, so my life is not in the hands of any person who is not happy with the Open Grazing Prohibition Law, 2017.”

The governor added that, “If they are not happy, that is not my problem. They cannot take away my life because life belongs to God and not man no matter his position.

“Whether these threats are real or not, they are threats and I have reported it to the Police, and the security agencies are doing the needful. I believe that those behind the threats will be apprehended and brought to book.

“I must keep saying that the grazing law we enacted in Benue State, came from the people to stem the killings in our rural communities and it was not targeted at any group, persons or individuals, neither was it intended to chase anyone out of the state.”

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