My Govt Doesn’t Owe Workers’ Salary – Akeredolu

The Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, has said his government does pay workers their wages when due.

He said that up till November 2022, state employees had gotten their paychecks, but that the December paycheck had been delayed on the suggestion of the state’s labor leaders.

Akeredolu made this statement during the annual prayer gathering with state employees that was held at the governor’s office in Akure, the state’s capital.

However, the governor promised the employees that they would receive their December salaries shortly and that the last month of the seven months’ worth of inherited wage arrears will also be paid before the conclusion of his term.

The governor addressed the staff, saying, “As you are aware, you received three alerts in December. We paid October and November 2022. You also received a leave bonus. We would have paid December but the labour leaders advised that we delay it till January to allow you meet financial obligations. students will resume soon. We will pay school fees.

“Also,we inherited seven months salary arrears, we paid six months. Before I leave the office, I will pay the remaining one.”

The governor then warned government officials to refrain from becoming political when using their right to vote in the next general elections and to play by the rules.

“Let me reiterate for the umpteenth time that public servants are not expected to be involved in partisan politics. Absolute loyalty and commitment should be the watchword of the service.

“Again, political discourse should be civil with decorum and in statutory manner. You will note that our administration has insulated the bureaucracy from partisan politics,” he urged.

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