My Children Are Being Withheld From Me – Korra Obidi’s Husband Cries Out

Dr Justin Dean, the husband of popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, has revealed that he can’t see his children because his estranged wife has taken a restraining order against him.

He made this known in a Facebook live video that showed him in tears.

This is as he revealed that an alleged abuse of his older child, June, made him decide to get a divorce.

He said, “She repeatedly told me, she regretted June ever being born. I told her to stop saying so but she kept repeating it.

“I called my mum and she will testify in court.”

He said papers had been filed to stop him from seeing his kids, “because she’s trying to hurt me. I love my kids.

“Before I was going to split custody with her, now I want full custody. I’m going to fight her.

“I’m divorcing Korra because she hurt June.”

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