Mr Eazi Richer Than Davido – Small Doctor

Small Doctor, the Nigerian singer whose real name is Temitope Adekunle, recently expressed his admiration for fellow musician Mr Eazi, stating that despite meeting high-profile artist Davido, he considers Mr Eazi to be the wealthiest person he has encountered in the industry.

During his appearance on the Echoo Room podcast hosted by Quincy Jonze, Small Doctor emphasized that Mr Eazi’s wealth extends beyond financial prosperity, describing him as someone who possesses true richness.

He said, “The richest person I have ever met is Mr Eazi. My perception is that he has money. It’s not even just having money, he has resources.

“I have met Davido. I call David ‘Richest’. If he hears ‘Richest’, he knows that it is Small Doctor. David is ‘Richest’ but Eazi is the richest person I have ever met.”

This statement reflects Small Doctor’s admiration for Mr Eazi’s achievements and the impact he has made in the music industry.

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