Mourinho is Completely Finished – Cassano

Former Italy international Antonio Cassano has launched another scathing attack on Jose Mourinho, declaring the Portuguese manager as “completely finished” and questioning his coaching capabilities.

Cassano, renowned for his time with clubs such as Real Madrid and Roma during his playing career, has consistently taken aim at Mourinho since retiring from professional football.

Previously, he accused the former Chelsea and Manchester United boss of lacking passion for the game, stating that Mourinho “doesn’t give a sh*t about football” and criticizing his communication skills.

In a chat with La Domenica Sportiva, Cassano said: “As a coach, Mourinho is now completely finished. He is not capable of coaching anymore, he is still doing the same things as 10 years ago. He wouldn’t play [Leandro] Paredes and preferred [Edoardo] Bove to [Lorenzo] Pellegrini. [Daniele] De Rossi gave Roma the belief that this is a strong team, he’s doing an extraordinary job. He was always destined for this.”

This latest jab adds to a series of public criticisms directed at Mourinho by Cassano, further intensifying their ongoing feud.

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