Monterrey Coach Slams Messi, Says ‘Possessed Devil, Dwarf’

Monterrey coach Nico Sanchez has engaged in a fiery confrontation with Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi, labeling the Argentine maestro a “possessed dwarf” with the “face of the devil.”

Messi, notably absent from the first leg of their CONCACAF Champions Cup quarter-final tie against Mexican opposition, was part of a group including Luis Suarez, Jordi Alba, and Tata Martino, embroiled in a post-match clash with opposing players and coaches following Monterrey’s 2-1 victory at Chase Stadium.

Reportedly, Messi and his cohorts confronted match officials regarding several contentious decisions while also directing verbal salvos towards Monterrey boss Fernando Ortiz.

In an audio leaked by Fox Sports, Sanchez could be heard saying, “The dwarf was possessed, he had the face of the devil. He puts his fist next to my face and says: ‘Who do you think you are?’

“But because I didn’t look at him, I was looking away, I never answered back, it made things worse.

“And Tata Martino, what a poor dummy, I had him in front of me telling me: ‘Fool, you going to cry? Fool you going to cry?’ What a dummy! All those videos, they probably erased them all because it leaves them looking bad. What they did was really serious. They want to dirty the pitch.”

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