Moghalu Names Top States Tinubu, Obi, Kwankwaso Will Win

Former presidential aspirant and deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Kingsley Moghalu, has revealed what the outcome of the 2023 presidential election will be.

According him, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress will win Lagos, his counterpart in the Labour Party, Peter Obi, will win Rivers while Rabiu Kwankwaso will win Kano.

He wrote: “I predict @KwankwasoRM will win majority of Kano votes in the presidential election. @officialABAT will likely win in Lagos, and @PeterObi will likely win in Rivers.

“Three of the four most populous voting states in Nigeria. This scenario leaves the election outcome uncertain.

“Anyone who tells you who will win the presidential election “for sure” is deceiving you -or perhaps himself or herself.

“That’s a good thing for democracy. Let the politicians sweat. We can only hope that they sweat to govern as much as they sweat to win.

“There are other large vote-population states like Oyo too (although its PDP Gov is not with Atiku as of now). Kaduna and Katsina, although both are strong APC states. But we can never know what will happen for sure.”

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