Minna Residents Stage Protest Over High Cost of Living

Residents of Minna, the capital of Niger State, took to the streets on Monday to voice their grievances against the soaring cost of living in the country, disrupting traffic along major thoroughfares.

The demonstrators, comprising men, women, and youths, gathered in numbers, raising their voices in protest songs while law enforcement officers, including policemen, monitored the situation.

Expressing their frustration, the protesters cited the relentless rise in the prices of essential food items and what they perceived as inadequate government interventions in alleviating their plight as reasons for their action.

Deputy Governor Yakubu Garba, in a bid to pacify the agitated crowd, addressed the protesters, acknowledging the challenges faced by families grappling with economic hardship.

Assuring the demonstrators of the government’s commitment to addressing their concerns, Garba outlined ongoing efforts aimed at mitigating the impact of the removal of petrol subsidies and reducing the overall cost of living.

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