Ministry of Women Affairs, UN Partner for Low-Cost Biogas Initiative

In a significant move to enhance the lives of rural women, the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs has entered into a partnership with UN Women to develop low-cost biogas household solutions. The Honourable Minister, Barr Uju Kennedy Ohanenye, revealed this collaborative effort during a meeting with a UN Women delegation in her Abuja office on Tuesday.

The introduction of biogas technology aims to alleviate the challenges faced by women in acquiring firewood, kerosene, or gas for cooking. Minister Ohanenye emphasized that this initiative would not only improve women’s health and livelihoods but also empower them to redirect their time toward more creative and profitable pursuits, contributing to their overall well-being.

The benefits of the biogas technology, as highlighted by the Minister, include improved time management for women, a cleaner cooking environment, non-pollutant energy sources, and a reduction in deforestation. She expressed the Ministry’s commitment to securing additional support from donors and stakeholders to promote affordability and ensure widespread distribution across the country’s 774 local government areas.

With a lifespan of approximately 5-7 years for the low-cost biogas, the initiative aligns with the Renewed Hope Agenda of the present administration by enabling women, especially in rural areas, to conserve funds spent on traditional cooking methods. This financial conservation, Minister Ohanenye noted, could empower women to engage in more profitable ventures.

UN Women Country Director, Ms. Beatrice Eyong, praised the environmentally friendly nature of biogas technology. She emphasized its potential to prevent diseases related to smoke, reduce indoor air pollution, and enhance respiratory health, contributing to a healthier lifestyle for Nigerian women. Ms. Eyong also commended the successful research stage of the biogas technology in Lafia, Nassarawa State, highlighting its use of animal waste to produce clean energy and environmentally friendly by-products for agricultural purposes.

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