Minister Leads Protest Against President Buhari

Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Aisha Alhassan

By Ogbolu George

Aisha Alhassan, the Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, on Thursday led a protest to the All Progressives Congress (APC) national secretariat in Abuja.

She claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government has abandoned members of the party in Taraba State.

”I have come as a party member and a leader with my brothers from Taraba to air our problems; the APC people in Taraba are very worried.

”No opposition party performed as well as we did since 1999, but unfortunately, apart from my appointment which is statutory and constitutional, and the ambassadorial, we still do not have any meaningful appointment,” she said.

Neglected members

Alhassan said it was unfortunate that members who had worked for the party in the state were not carried along in President Buhari’s appointments and projects.

”We have to take care of our people else we will not know our faith in next election. Even in federal government projects, they do not involve us.

”Taraba state APC should be remembered, this is our plea. If projects are sent to the state which is controlled by the PDP, our people are left hanging,” she said.

Hijacking of party structure

The Minister said she was not bothered about the speculation making the rounds, that the party’s structure in the state would be hijacked by some people.

She said, ”I have at some point addressed a crowd in Taraba and I told them that the current governor is even welcomed to join the party.

”But if he comes, he will be an APC member like us.”

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