Celebrating Christmas With Mindful Eating

Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup with Vegetable and beef

By Rashidat Akashat

Christmas celebration usually begins on its eve, stretching to Boxing Day before the much anticipated New Year’s day. And food is what completes whatever celebration we do.


Sharing is the word that explains Christmas. From exchange of gifts, to the drumsticks on the different kinds of rice, different smoothies as desserts, cakes, burgers, suya, small chops, all sorts of cuisines and chocolate combined with ice-creams make one salivate and wish the felicitation remains forever.

Nonetheless, the much used “too much of everything is bad” should linger as we anticipate these finger-licking and mouthwatering meals.

Let mindful eating be what we put into action and careful choice of meals especially for ‘Foodies’ who would love to try out everything the eye or hand recognizes with all the excitement of their tummy spinning.


Mindful eating is eating your meals with all level of awareness, planning and proper consumption.


The cliche “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”applies to everything especially the Christmas meals. Not planning your meals, is not planning to live long and not planning to live long is not planning to live at all. Let your diet pick light meals for dinners and something heavy for lunch. Eating pounded yam at night especially for older adults is as good as stuffing stones in your stomach before going to bed.

Also, in order not to repeat meals randomly, planning also plays a significant role. Write your timetable before the holiday begins.

Know What You Eat

The eyes and mind should know what the hand carries before it goes into the mouth. The best thing to always do when you go to sophisticated gatherings is to ask questions about the menu. Don’t be like the local man who unknowingly eats cockroachesĀ and later develops an allergy.

Eat Slowly and Carefully

The moment would not be enjoyed when your meals are taken in a haste. You just cannot imagine how your pounded yam and egusi or vegetable soup would feel when you rush your meals. It’s like going to the beach and leaving immediately. What’s the rush?! Live your meal in a grand style by carefully taking each morsels and letting your senses pick the fun as it slips through your throat into your stomach.

Eat Only When Necessary

Necessity isn’t a thing of the mind but a state of mind. So eat when you are hungry not because the clock ticks noon. Seriously, you might end up sleeping through the beautiful events Christmas holds due to overeating. You will live a soggy and sluggish holiday and trust me, your grandma is going to be more active than you would have been.


Paying attention is key to healthy eating and this is also being mindful. Please, do not eat while you are walking around the house or watching television because there might be a dead fly in your food and not paying attention guarantees its entry into your stomach.

Food Technology

Here, I would be suggesting we try out apps to help manage our calories. Go to your phone’s “stores” and type food app. These apps help us count the number of calories we have consumed and how to detoxify our bodies. Although, food scientists suggest we take in lemonades but gastric patients would find an alternative when you use these applications.

We hope you enjoy your holidays and remember not to be wasteful as there’s recession…

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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