Military Strikes Blow to Terrorists in Northwest, Northeast

In a week filled with pivotal military operations, the air components of Operation Hadarin Daji (OPHD) in the Northwest and Operation Hadin Kai in Northeast Nigeria have demonstrated unwavering dedication in safeguarding the lives of innocent citizens. Alongside the Land Component and other security agencies, these aerial operations have relentlessly pursued and neutralized terrorists, insurgents, and criminal elements operating in both regions.

In the Northwest, the Air Component of OPHD executed a series of successful airstrikes on November 1, 2023, targeting the hideout of a notorious terrorist kingpin, Babaru, in Kankara Local Government Area (LGA) of Katsina State. Babaru, implicated in numerous acts of terrorism and banditry, notably in the massacre of over 100 residents of Gidan Gari and Yarmai-Yadiya villages in Bakori LGA on February 2, 2023, saw his hideout obliterated. The strikes resulted in the elimination of several terrorists, with unconfirmed reports about Babaru’s fate. Additionally, airstrikes targeted the enclave of another terrorist kingpin, Mai Solar, in Maru LGA of Zamfara State, resulting in the destruction of hideouts and terrorists fleeing the scene.

On November 3, 2023, precision air strikes carried out by the Air Component of Operation Hadin Kai (OPHK) in the Northeast proved a turning point in the fight against terrorism. These strikes, aimed at a meeting point near Degbawa within the Mandara Mountains in Goza Local Government Area of Borno State, led to the elimination of several key terrorists. Intelligence had indicated the gathering of these terrorists and their foot soldiers for a potential meeting, raising concerns that prompted the air interdiction. The aftermath of the strike confirmed the successful elimination of numerous terrorists.

The terrorists’ choice of a secluded meeting location, strategically intended to evade detection, was thwarted by the operation’s success. This operation dealt a significant blow to the terrorists who had recently faced increasing pressure from the air and land components of OPHK. It is strongly believed that these terrorists were responsible for the recent attack on Geidam on October 31, 2023, and had convened to review their actions and plan future attacks on innocent civilians and other vulnerable targets.

These successful operations highlight the relentless pursuit of terrorists by the Nigerian military, ensuring that the safety and security of innocent citizens remain a top priority in the ongoing fight against insurgency and criminal activities.

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