Military Deploys Armored Vehicles Following Soldiers’ Killing in Delta

The Nigerian military has taken swift action in response to the recent killing of several soldiers during a peace and rescue mission in the Okuama community of Ughelli South Local Government Area in Delta State. Armored vehicles were deployed to Bomadi, the headquarters of Bomadi Local Government Area, in a visible show of force.

Eyewitnesses reported the dramatic arrival of military personnel and multiple armored vehicles crossing the Bomadi Bridge, presumably headed towards the creeks where the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, soldiers previously stationed in Okuama continue to carry out demolitions in the area, a direct response to the loss of their comrades last week.

According to a source within the community, the military presence in Okuama remains substantial, with ongoing demolition of buildings.

“As I’m talking to you right now, soldiers are there and they continue the demolition of buildings in the community,” the source disclosed. “I don’t think they would leave very soon.”

Last week’s tragic event unfolded when soldiers from the 181 Amphibious Battalion of the military Joint Task Force, JTF, Bomadi Division, led by Commander Maj. Jaffa, were ambushed and killed during a rescue mission to release a hostage. The hostage, Mr. Anthony Aboh, hailed from the neighboring Okoloba community, and the mission was initiated due to a longstanding land dispute in the region.

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