Mike Bamiloye Slams Pastors Who Show Football Matches In Church

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has slammed pastors who show football matches inside their church auditorium for their congregation to watch.

In a Facebook post, he lamented how a pastor’s wife gave a testimony in church about how her football club Chelsea won a trophy.

He wrote, “I heard of a pastor’s wife who joyfully stepped out during testimony time and raised up her two hands in jubilation: “Prai-se the Lord!”

“The congregation echoed “Halle-luyah”. And they eagerly waited to hear the testimony of the Pastor’s wife.
However, to their astonishment, she beamed out a joyful smile and said, “Everyone, thank the Lord with me, my club Chelsea won the cup at last!” Amazingly, some members of the congregation clapped while some were very dazed at the strange testimony.

“Are you not surprised that some pastor would bring video projector into the church for the elders and congregation to watch a championship match and after that the evening Bible Study or Faith Clinic or Gospel service would start? Or if a major league should coincide with any of the church’s services, the congregation could be promised that a video projector would be made available to watch the match before the church service.

“Some church members would rush out of the church before the service ends in order to catch up with the major match that is about to start. And a lot of those who find it difficult to be absent from the church because of their official duties would device the means of monitoring the game through the FM radio on their smart-phones.

“When anything takes over the control of your heart and soul, it becomes idolatry.”

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