Mercy Johnson Paved Way For Curvy Women In Nigeria – Didi Ekanem

Didi Ekanem
Didi Ekanem

Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem has said that Mercy Johnson is the reason why many curvy ladies embraced their endowment.

Did Ekanem said that when she was in Secondary School, she was always getting bullied for being curvy.

However, she embraced her nature after seeing the confident manner Mercy Johnson carried her curviness.

“I’m going to open a YouTube channel so I can tell you guys about me, my body, how I used to be bullied in secondary school for being curvy.

“How I used to cry endlessly at nights and prayed to God to deflate my bum cos of mockery. Growing up as a young girl, it was tough,” she wrote.

The actress added: “Mercy Johnson literally made curvy women in Nigeria to start embracing their beauty. The way she was so confident in her body was mind-blowing and I remember wishing to be like her always. That’s how she became my favourite Nigerian actress and not to mention her strong acting prowess.”

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