Media Aides Not Defending Tinubu Well – Seyi Law

Comedian Seyi Law has pointed out that the media aides of President Bola Tinubu are not doing their jobs appropriately in defending their principal against falsehood.

Also faulting the National Orientation Agency, Seyi Law stated that their failure to do their job will always leave them on the defensive side.

This was as he lamented that the responsibility of defending the President has now been taken up by those not saddled to do it but do it out of genuine love.

He shared on X, “Dear PBAT MEDIA AIDES,

“Misinformation thrive when you make information that should be readily available look like secrets. In a country where more memos leak than the information made for public consumption, you’re doing a bad job.

“You and the NOA have failed to see that we have a high level of headline readers, unintelligent and deliberate saboteur amongst us to itemise complex information in layman’s terms to avoid misrepresentation of facts. It is very sad.

“Most of those fighting these continuous attacks and pushing back false narratives are not those saddled with the responsibility to do it. These are just lovers of the President.

“When you fail to be proactive, you will always end up being defensive. Do your job before they make it worse. Good policies without good communication are disasters to any government. I will never support who I can’t criticise.

“Thank you for doing it right.”

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