MC Lively Speaks On Snubbing N5000 Lawyer Job For Comedy

In a recent conversation with renowned media personality Chude Jideonwo, well-known skitmaker and content creator, Michael Sani Amanesi, better known as MC Lively, shed light on the reason behind his decision to not pursue a career in law, despite being officially called to the Nigerian Bar in 2016.

MC Lively, an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University, candidly shared that he was faced with an unexpected situation when he received a job offer from a law firm. To his surprise, the offer came with a rather meagre compensation of N5,000.

The revelation provides insight into MC Lively’s journey and the choices he made along the way.

He said, “I love law so much. I excelled at it so much. I really really loves it. But there was such a struggle between what you do in school and things in real life. It’s so different.

“I mean, how do I go to law school, spent such huge amount of money and coming out as a corper, and you are telling me that you can pay me N5,000 per month? To do what?

“No, it was really upsetting. And I remember that before I even got that particular one, I had to go look for work by myself in different chambers. Before I got that particular one, I had gone to like three or four chambers, they said, so sorry, there’s nothing they can do. NYSC, this is not even like the real job o. This is just NYSC.

“So, imagine what you would have to go through even when you are done with the NYSC and you want a real job, an actual job.”

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