Marriage Crash: Forgive My Estranged Husband, Actress Yewande Adekoya Begs Fans

Popular Nollywood actress, Yewande Adekoya, has urged fans on social media to stop dragging her husband, Abiodun Thomas, over their failed marriage.

The dragging started after the actress raised an issue about their marriage on social media.

Begging fans to stop taking advantage of that to drag her husband, Adekoya said she only raised the issues about her marriage on because of the false narrative being told about her.

She, therefore, urged the public to forgive her estranged husband, as he is human and not perfect.

She wrote, “Please kindly stop dragging Daddy Precious online. If not that I had to debunk a false narrative being told against me regarding our issue, the truth about our present situation would still have been kept private, like I wanted it.

“I know he has made a lot of mistakes. Please kindly forgive him. He is human and far from perfect.”

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