Man Sentenced To Death For Killing Wife, Freezing Corpse

Death, Man Wife Corpse

A 31-year-old Chinese man identified as Zhu Xiaodong has been sentenced to death for killing his wife and storing her body in a freezer.

An Intermediate court statement said the man was convicted after he was found guilty of strangling his wife Yang Liping to death in 2016 during an argument.

AFP reports that Xiaodong wrapped her corpse in a freezer on the balcony of their home.

The court also revealed that the accused man used his deceased wife’s money to fund travel trips and hotel bookings with other women, the next three months after her death.

“He spent lavishly without restraint and showed no signs of remorse,” the court statement read.

It was gathered that the man impersonated his wife on WeChat by chatting with her friends and family members.

He eventually gave up the charade when his father-in-law celebrated his birthday and his wife was nowhere to be found.

The family of the bereaved charged him to court after he turned himself in for the case.

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