Man Marries Three Women On Same Day

Man marries
Mohammed and his three brides. Source: Facebook.

A 50-year-old muslim man from Uganda has made history as he marries three women on the same day just to save cost.

The man identified as Mohammed Semanda got tongues wagging last month, after he set a never-heard-before marriage record.

Mohammed, a food seller in Katabi town stunned several persons in his community, when he came to the local parish with three women, all clad in white wedding dress ready to tie the knot with their husband.

In a chat with pressmen, the newly married man revealed that his wives know that he isn’t financially buoyant but the three of them agreed to marry him out of love.

He also said that the women are not in any way jealous of each other and they trust that he will work harder to support them.

“My wives are not jealous against each other,” he said.

Adding that, “Good enough, each has got a home and i promise to work harder and support them.”

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