Makinde Protects Mining Communities With Two Executive Orders

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has signed two executive orders aimed at fortifying mining communities’ security and fostering cultural and tourism development within the state.

The first order seeks to safeguard mining communities from insecurity and exploitation, aligning with Makinde’s commitment to ensuring the welfare and protection of local populations involved in the mining industry.

The second executive order established the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a pivotal step towards furthering the state’s cultural heritage and tourism potential.

Governor Makinde underscored the importance of these actions, emphasizing their role in providing a legal framework for his administration’s ambitious efforts in solid mineral and tourism sectors. He noted that these orders align with the administration’s broader goals of driving economic expansion through the development of tourism and the sustainable utilization of solid mineral resources.

The Governor said: “though mining activity is on the exclusive legislative list, the state government chose to be proactive in ensuring adequate protection of the mining communities against insecurity and exploitation, as well as on the attendant environmental issues.

“For some time now, we have been watching the developments within our mining communities and we have to deal with security challenges around those communities.”

“The second executive order is on the establishment of the ministry of culture and tourism, because culture and tourism is a major pillar in our roadmap for sustainable development, 2023-2027,” he said.

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