Makinde Gives Update on Ibadan Explosion, Recovery Efforts

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has expressed gratitude to all involved in the recent search and rescue operations at Ground Zero following the Bodija incident. The governor commended the efforts of first responders from OYSEMA, medical personnel, and security agencies for their unwavering dedication throughout the past week.

Addressing the public, Governor Makinde reiterated his administration’s steadfast commitment to ensuring justice for the victims of the tragedy. He assured that comprehensive measures would be announced shortly to support those affected and assist them in rebuilding their lives.

The governor extended appreciation to the team from the Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NNRA), which conducted measurements at the epicenter, confirming only normal background radiation doses. Additionally, he acknowledged the efforts of geologists from the University of Ibadan, led by two professors, who are conducting seismic measurements at the epicenter to assess the situation further.

Governor Makinde emphasized that structural integrity tests on buildings surrounding Ground Zero are still underway to ensure the safety of residents.

He urged individuals affected by the explosion to reach out to the Emergency Operations Centre for assistance. Those who remain unaccounted for after the incident were encouraged to contact the EOC via designated hotlines.

To support victims, the governor announced the establishment of a donation platform. Contributions made will be directed to the Landlords/Residents Association’s bank account, with the government overseeing the fair distribution of funds to beneficiaries.

Residents of Oyo State were reminded to utilize the toll-free number 615 to report any suspicious activities within their communities, reaffirming the principle that vigilance aids in maintaining security.

Governor Makinde’s update underscores the collaborative efforts of various agencies and the government’s commitment to providing relief and support to those affected by the Bodija incident.

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